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This mini course is designed to help you see that since becoming a Mother your possibility for success has magnifiedI give you powerful and transformational tools that give you REAL results in just 3 days, to achieve success, peace, abundance, and happiness in motherhood + every day.

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Cultivate your dream career, maintain presence as a mother + create space energetically to hold onto what you manifest.

I designed this mini course for the modern day mom who needs a MENTAL reset and a refreshing boost of encouragement to be herself....pretty, put together, messy, milk stained, greasy, squishy, happy, giggly, sad...you name it ,EVEN OUTSIDE of the social media world. 

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Join in on an incredible and Transformative 40-day meditation journey. 

In JUST 3-11 minutes a day...

You're creating inspired action and taking away reaction.
You're refueling your love supply.
giving space to yourself to hear the clear guidance given to you.
You're tuning in to your best and highest self.
You're creating an inner trust and knowing to walk through daily life with ease.
You're CONNECTING to your 
LIFE FORCE and Coming home to yourself. 

MY Gift To YOu

Strengthen The Inner Voice

Challenge yourself for 40 days

This is a beautiful meditation to help cultivatedeep awareness of your own body and your own inner guidance system. It opens up possibility for deep love and trust of yourself.


This is a meditation series to help you thrive postpartum. 

It is designed to help you create space energetically to have room to "hold" all the love and chaos that motherhood brings. 

I created it with love and intention so that you can quickly remember the LOVE that is you. 

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In Kundalini Yoga a Kriya is a series of postures, breath, and sound that work toward a specific outcome.

Do this kriya to raise your vibration, balance your chakras and experience your radiance

MY Gift To YOu

MY Gift To YOu

Hi, I’m Bailee.

I am a Woman + Mother

on a mission to help other Women + Mothers LIVE life in their most

powerful state, and create success in Motherhood+ in Every Day. 

"Creating success on your own terms is the best gift you can give the world."
-- Bailee Buckendorf

I believe

we can connect to this intelligent body, and paired with undying faith, we can manifest the exact life we desire.

I believe

we have this amazing intelligent body that tells us exactly what to do…in life, in parenting, in relationships, and in our biggest wildest dreams.

Through my

Transformative Processes + Techniques I help you get CLEAR on who you are, why you are here, and how to live in alignment with your soul purpose.

A life of prosperity, of love, of happiness, and power.

PRIVATE + CUSTOMIZED ONE on ONE coaching packages are available by serious requests only.

Email: [email protected]