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September 4, 2017

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July 15, 2017



This morning I had a huge heart to heart with myself.

It was the first time in almost 6 months that I woke up at my usual 3:30/4:00am hour and didn’t rush to my computer to get my “8” hours of work done in my 3 hours I had available before my kids woke up.


I meditated.

I listened to my favorite author.
I journaled.

I enjoyed my alone time in the most JOYFUL way.


It was that moment of realization that I had to make a change in my daily schedule.


A coach awhile back recommended getting all of your work done for the day so that you could exercise and do yoga later and then be present for your family. The thing is I never did the yoga later…in a fully present way, anyway.


I follow (well did before I tried out the work first thing—thingy) traditions of most yogic and religious traditions. The first 1 to 2 hours upon waking are your most sacred time. It is a time to connect with your best self, the you that you are becoming and the you that The Universe/God is wanting you to become.


I was spending 98% of my day feeling entirely guilty for now showing up for myself first which was making me be one of the most unproductive and not present humans…EVER.


So here is my…you just have to do what works for you SPEECH.


Seriously just do YOU.


If you like getting up and working…do it.

If you hate it…DON’T.


There is always a way that will FEEL right to you.


I am so glad I listened.


For the next year I want to enjoy motherhood while my kids are young and advance my yogic knowledge as much as possible.


So far I have I said NO to working before 1pm anymore.


4:00am – 6:00am is my sacred time. MY self care. MY self love.


7:00am -1:00pm – is my PRESENT time with my kiddos.


Any time after that I am OKAY working and letting my kids be in their own world…which they are already anyway. I just like to watch their world and see their growth…not buried into my phone. 


And as far as my advanced Yoga training goes…I already have my programs picked out and I can’t wait to gain an even DEEPER connection to my power. I am letting this be fun. I am letting this be easy.


What does the rest of your 2017 look like?

What can you do right now or switch up right now to FEEL how you want to feel?

Have big goals…SHARE WITH ME!!!


If I can create life and success on my terms so can you!


With Love,




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