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September 4, 2017

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April 17, 2017

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Taking my own advice...thanks Portland

July 10, 2017


My weekend getaway to Portland, OR with my family gave me just the truth and connection to my soul I was looking for.


I’ve been needing more down time than ever before and to just be present with my kids and husband. It was on our hike with our two toddlers that I cried happy tears of how much I love being a mom. I realized I wasn’t giving myself enough credit for my “mom” role and always pushing to do more, be more, see more… so society could view me as more than a mom.


This is where I have to come in and say listen to your heart.

Listen to your own advice.

Listen to what FEELS good.


Do it.


No one knows better than you.


There comes a time in your life where you have to put down the book, stop studying, stop searching and just be present and accept what is. The answer lies within you. YOU ALREADY KNOW.


I’ve been in study mode for the past 3 years. I have hustled. I have achieved. I have succeeded. I have failed. I have begun again over and over searching for the taste of balance. I’ve discovered that life is just a beautiful dance of the good ol’ ebb and the good ol’ flow. For me, the pace and the energetic spikes are something out of my control.


A coach I know kept saying you have to make sacrifices and that you can’t hide your gift from the world by being a mom and use it as an excuse to not show up for your life. While I get that and respect where (the coach) is coming from I also call BS. Why in the hell in our society have we made the hustle so fast, so hard, and so insanely addictive that by simply being a MOM isn’t valued enough? This is where confusion strikes for me.


We have to teach our kids PRESENCE.

We have to teach them that our HUMAN LIFE is enough simply by BEING.


Sometimes YES you need a babysitter.

AND sometimes YES you need to just BE A FREAKING MOM and love the shit out of that title. Not everyone gets that gift and no amount of work success will ever take over my presence with my children.


You see, success stems from and is created from what you VALUE the most. If you don’t value what you are doing you probably aren’t going to show up. I value my role as a mother so much that I am not willing to sacrifice my presence or my teachings with them. I value the freedom I have with my kids that I wake up at 3am to work. I VALUE the teachings of Yoga and am so LIT UP with a burning passion to share it with the world.


What you have intended for, prayed for, manifested for…is coming.

In DIVINE time.


I’m choosing to…


-be here now with my kids.
-to start this amazing yoga studio and show up at my best with the time I have available.

-to laugh more

-to allow more

-to receive more

-to express myself more

-to shine

-to trust

-to give

-to be grateful


My goal list and intentions for success in my life are still high, and right now I am choosing to let go of expectation and self judgement.


I am choosing to ACT instead of REACT to my children and slow down for the curiosity of life.

I am choosing to be okay with the fact that right now my heart is screaming for more present moments with my kids.


When the time is right I will achieve all that I need.

I am trusting the process.


I hope you will trust your process too and love where you are now.

The world needs more gratitude and LOVE.


With Love,



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