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September 4, 2017

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April 17, 2017

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Compassion...we can all show more.

June 21, 2017


As you continue to follow my work you will discover that I am deeply in love and connected to the wisdom that Guru Singh shares with the world.


I was busy reading away today preparing for my upcoming programs and reconnecting to my roots to keep me centered and neutral during these high energetic times…AND seriously exciting times in my career.


I had to share this blurb…(such a funny word).


“Work to achieve the highest level of your personal development and do so while remaining judge-less, compassionate and effective with your leadership. Remember: being judge-less does not mean being unaware… it means that you do not condemn that which your awareness leads you to see. This is the radiance of the new evolution of human consciousness…this is the pathway to the greatest possibilities of life.” Guru Singh, Angels Gather Here


When I read this I applied it to my journey of growth in my personal world and in my professional world.


It is so easy to get caught up in comparison and be lead down a never-ending path of self-doubt, depletion, and insecurities. I wanted to share what I thought being judge-less, compassionate and effective with YOUR leadership could do for you.


Here is what it means for ME,


Being judge-less means instant forgiveness when my expectation of the outcome is different than I “desired”.


Being judge-less means giving others space to succeed on their own terms just as I want to succeed on my own terms.


Being compassionate is leading with my heart first and remembering we are all HUMANS…mistakes happen.


Being effective with my leadership means taking divinely inspired action and speaking my OWN truth.


Being effective with my leadership means BEING ME and not trying to fit in EVER.


Being effective with my leadership means sharing from a place of integrity not manipulation.


You are allowed to not like something…that is a beautiful awareness that it doesn’t serve your life for your best and highest good. You are allowed to walk a different path than what the most successful business coach is teaching IF you are getting the Divine guidance.


Each thing we say YES to is playing an essential role in driving us to our future. We don’t always get to know the WHY…nor do we need to.


There is a difference in being uncomfortable and afraid…usually when quitting seems like the better idea…AND there is the HUGE, RED FLAG, gut-burning sensation, DIVINE wisdom, that is leading you to a better path for YOU.


It is my invitation to you to develop a deep awareness of what is going on around you without attaching your happiness and worthiness to it.


If you can begin to master your mind and find neutrality in all that you do…like this quote form Guru Singh so eloquently states, you will have THE GREATEST possibilities open up within your own life and career.


So the questions are…


Where can you show more compassion?


Where can you judge-less?


Where can YOU shine the brightest to EFFECTIVELY lead YOUR life?


Never stop striving for your next transformation, as there will ALWAYS be another one waiting for you. Neutrality will give you EASE in this process.


My hope for you is that you will master your mind to enjoy ALL of what life is.

With love, 





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