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September 4, 2017

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April 17, 2017

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This is Everything.

June 10, 2017

"You can meditate till your sit bones are blue, pray, process, train, affirm, think positive, therapize, and if you're still not a calmer, more generous person who speaks kindly to the waiter and takes traffic jams in stride, then maybe how you measure the results of your questing needs to be recalibrated" - Danielle Laporte 


This is everything.

I don't care what religion you practice or believe in.
I don't care how many awards you have. 
I don't care about anything from you other than that you lead with kindness and compassion. 

If you are still struggling with resistance and reacting out of fear in a straight up jerkness kind of way...that's okay. We all still love you and accept you. We see you. We hear you. We just might not want to hang out with you quite yet. 

Energy speaks louder than words. 
Choose instant forgiveness and choose LOVE.

Having an awareness around how you react to things should give you serious insight as to how grounded into your power you are + how connected you are to your truth. 

Neutrality exists. Keep showing up and trying on different ways of being until you land in the sweet spot of your soul. You will know. You will feel it. It's an ineffable feeling. It's who you are and always will be. You get to experience the FEELING of it.

This girl cannot get behind that.

I can get behind Diversity. Peace. Space. Love. Forgiveness. Human error. Humanity. Kindness. Curiosity. 

My perspective on anyone admirable walking a spiritual path is one who can remain neutral, nice, and solution focused in times of chaos and "life" happening. It is awe-inspiring and humble.
In this spiritual + religious world I come across a lot of people using it for manipulation to have people "follow" or "idolize" them.

To me that perspective is totally missing the point of "connecting to Source". 

I also think that we vomit or own expectations on others and blame them for life not working for us. This can happen in our closest relationships, like marriage. It is within your own energy that you can shift your own reality and start living your desires. We can't control anyone or force them to do or to be anything. We can only control what actions we take. Connect to your soul and action will come easily. 

And as a reminder that what you put after "I am" shapes your reality. Speak with integrity. Try on possibility. 

So ask yourself today who are you blaming for what's not working in your life? Is it really their fault? Where can you show up and create a solution?

Where are you REACTING and where would you love to ACT with purpose + intention? 

Tough to swallow at times and so powerful to embrace.

Change starts with you.
OWN YOUR LIFE + Radiate love to the world.

With Love,


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