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September 4, 2017

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April 17, 2017

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Your Thoughts are Shaping Your Life

April 17, 2017

Your world is spinning. 

You feel out of control. 

One bad thought leads to the next. 

You can’t help yourself.

Rage ignites.

You are on fire. 


Let me tell you. I know it burns. I know it hurts like hell. I know you want to blame it on everyone. I know you want to justify your life away. It feels good to release those mean words. It is easy to say those mean things, but it is not easy to take them back. Your words are like weapons, they can kill, they can burn the light. You know this. It is easy to judge. It is easy to give up. It is easy to break. It is easy to take it personally. It is easy to feel attacked. It is easy to get stuck in comparison mode. 


I will tell you what is hard or appears as hard. Not using your words as knives. Not using your discomfort as a platform for blame. Not using your words to complain. Not doing the “judging”  because everyone else is. Putting your head up, shutting up, and finding one damned positive thought, even if it is that you were glad you drank water that day. It is hard to stand alone and believe in yourself even when everyone else is knocking you down. Keep the perspective. Try to remain neutral and objective to life and life’s happenings. 


Find that thought.
Find that happiness. 

Hold onto it. 

Build on that. 



Get control of your mind. 


“The mind is above time and space. If you decide not to complain, it will immediately compensate you with intuition.” -Yogi Bhajan 


You see. If we simply silence the mind for just a moment, bite our tongue and consciously choose  to rise above our temporary frustration, we will get all of the answers we need. It is law. I think that is what is hardest for us as moms to actually execute. We often SERIOUSLY don’t have the time to even sit down, let alone quietly. Trust me. I get it. There are days when I want to freak out and go to a kick boxing class just to release energy. In this state is easy to think that complaining about everything causing your current state of unhappiness will help you feel better. Remember that this too shall pass and to try not to “fix” anything from a state of anger. Calm down first and then approach it with a level head. 


I think as a mom, especially one of multiple young children it is harder than hell to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I, an introvert, a lover of alone time, reading, writing, and a luscious career, chose to stay at home with my children. Two under two leaves for little alone time (I am currently at the local Starbucks for one hour before having to breastfeed my wee one). This has been the best thing for my busy body self. I got forced to sit still. I got forced to connect with myself whether I wanted to or not. 

I used to worry about how I was ever going to have time to achieve my dreams, my schooling, my career. There were times I wanted to rush things. I had to get that title. I had to. AND then I found kundalini yoga. I swear, when they say you will become addicted once you start is no joke. 


My hope for all of you moms today is to trust the process. Know that you are doing the world a heap of service by simply being a mom. I know it can be hard not getting recognition, but you get more than you may think. Don’t expect it. I hope that you know how strong you are. I hope that you know how beautiful you are. I hope you know that you matter. I hope that you slow down enough to listen to your heart, your intuition, your inner wisdom and your guidance. I hope you see the power and the gifts that you hold. I hope you share these gifts. Be gentle on yourself. You are doing SO much….and really if you need to CRY. Get it out. Thank it and move on.



In divine time all will come. 

With Love,






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