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September 4, 2017

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April 17, 2017

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Not Everybody's Fair is the Same

April 17, 2017


When my children were young and would inevitably complain "That's not fair! I was quick to respond with "Not everybody's fair is the same”.


Why do some people's lives seem really hard and others don't? Why do some souls need a particular challenge and others need a different kind of challenge or even a reward?


Each life challenge or reward is perfect for a particular individual at any given time, because challenges and rewards act as natural consequences to your soul's current alignment or frequency. For example, a dream job or beach vacation may follow an extended period of being in alignment with your soul. Alternatively, a challenge is called upon (i.e., attracted by) your soul to assist in making you extremely uncomfortable and, subsequently, motivated to push out of your current comfort zone and expand... 


Think of your fair as it pertains to a piano. Not all of the keys need tuned every time. And some are "problem" keys that need to be tuned quite frequently. The piano tuner does not consider the concept of fair when tuning the piano keys, rather, he adjusts the ones that are out of alignment to get the harmony between the notes flowing again. Like that problem D-flat, just know that if you frequently find yourself in need of a tune-up, that means you are constantly growing and expanding. Consider all of life's "unfairness" as a gift from the Universe to get you moving in a better direction.


With Love, 






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