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September 4, 2017

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April 17, 2017

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Letting Go of Expectations

April 17, 2017

My whole life I have been told I am too serious and too hard on myself. I have high expectations and in the past I haven't been gentle on myself when I didn't succeed. I got stuck and fixated on the outcome that I ruined the enjoyment of the process. I used to pride myself on my go-getter persona and the won't stop, can't stop mentality. That is until I repeatedly crashed like a ton of bricks and couldn't move my body or utilize my brain power for weeks. The whole balance thing is an art I have yet to master...but each day I am one step closer.


Part of the reason I started to dive so deeply into yoga was because of my ever increasing inner control freak. I had to shut this part of me down as it was not serving me for my best and highest good. Becoming a mom has made my poor brain run in circles until I spin out of control and have nothing left to hold onto. This state of mind leaves me feeling helpless, isolated, vulnerable, and gives me a strong desire to control everyone and everything around me. Not because I think I know best, but its more of a "hanging on for dear life" perspective. I look at "control" as the only thing to keep me grounded in my body.  However, in many ways motherhood had made me calmer, more confident, and happier. It brought on its own heap of life challenges. That is just life though, always keeping you on your toes.


Since becoming a life coach and being coached myself, I have learned to shift my focus away from my problems and onto solutions. This has helped my marriage, my friendships, my career and my approach of parenting. In times of frustration I ask myself a simple question, "what is within my control?". That question can be a hard one to swallow if you are wanting to control someones behavior and action. You may get stuck on justifying why you are right and build a huge, solid, understandable case for yourself. However, even all that proof as to why the "problem" is out of hand won't change what is within your control.


The lesson of this all?


It is best to remember that we can only control ourselves. Only we can control how we react and respond to all that we love and all that we would rather not have in our life...like ever. With that in mind It is always best to begin focusing on what we DO want rather than what we do not want.


Even though it can be a challenge to be easy on yourself if you mess up, miss a deadline, or even change your mind on something huge...try to be. We will always have challenges to face and life will be really hard from time to time. The way we treat ourselves can be enjoyable...even in the less than enjoyable times. The way we treat ourselves is a direct reflection of how we want to be treated in life. Self love can improve EVERY single area of your life.


I invite you to release expectation, set desires, and allow the universe to light your world on fire in the best way.


With Love,









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