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September 4, 2017

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How to be Spiritual + Stylish

April 17, 2017

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How to be Spiritual + Stylish

April 17, 2017

Just be it.
Easy peasy. 

Have you ever been stuck like, well shit, I am spiritual…does that mean I have to give up my style and wear loose white cotton pants the rest of my life? (ps..if wearing LOOSE white AMAZING cotton pants fills your soul up...you are expressing your style perfectly! I honor that) 

NO. Please. We need YOUR amazing style.

It is such a beautiful reflection of your SOUL. Your BEING.

It is ART.

If you are like me you have spent more time than you would like to admit contemplating on whether or not it is selfish of you to want luxurious things, cute clothes and a beautiful chair + desk combo to do your work on. To take it even further you have questioned whether you are really connected to the spirit world because of your LOVE for fancy shirts, pants + shoes. Like is this greedy? Is this natural? Was the person making my clothes in a good mood (all about that good energy baby)? Hilarious to say out loud…but the struggle was real for me. If compassion lies in your heart try on a new perspective.

Like this....You wearing cute clothes is making the world a better place—-One hell of an affirmation, I think. ;)

Look at it as you are doing good for the world by wearing clothes that make you feel beautiful, which in return help you to show up powerfully to work and/or motherhood and freely share your gift with the world.

The universe, GOD, FP, Goddess, Source, Sally..whoever or whatever you believe in created the material items as well as the spiritual magic. EMBRACE what you love in the material world and enjoy its purpose and FEELING it gives you. That is really the point of it all. Is to live a life of FEELING good.

If you desire to be stylish and it is part of your expression of self…DO IT.
That means your stylish buns got planted on this earth for a reason.

If you desire it… it is part of your INNATE being.

In the spirit world it is great to practice non attachment..that your happiness does not depend on what you wear or buy…but that you practice deep gratitude in feeling absolutely beautiful in what you wear and the power that gives you.

What are your thoughts?

With Love,




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