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learn to thrive in motherhood + everyday

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in the heaviness of isolation, mom guilt, anxiety, uncontrollable thoughts and depression in your motherhood story?


                                     I understand what it’s like:

You KNOW your potential, but feel trapped by a depression that affects your marriage, parenting, livelihood and everyday encounters.


You’re too numb to clean, too depressed to cook, too embarrassed of your lack of emotional control to show up in your marriage...and frightened by your own rage.


You feel lost in the chaos of motherhood, fetal position crying on the bathroom floor and stupid for having the plague of postpartum depression.


You wish you could thrive as a conscious mother, but struggle to feel grounded between the ‘holy shit I’m not cut out for this’ moments.

You are likely overcome by this emotion so, I ask you to PAUSE and to consider THIS.       

What if you were were able to wake up every day with a REAL heartfelt smile, breathing deeply, confident, and powerful in motherhood?


What if everything in your life was easy, the chaos, the love, the sex, the relationships, the marriage, the in-laws, the money, and the everyday choices in your life?


What if you mothered from a confident and grounded space, the peace that your children feel, their smiling faces, and that you got to experience the joy in cultivating a compassionate led life for them?


What if you broke the stigma of postpartum depression? What if you took a stand for yourself and other women that who aren’t weird or a ‘bad mom’ for having it?


What if you saw that you are powerful beyond measure and tapped into your infinite power to transform the chaos into abundance in your life?

YES THIS calls to YOU.


You have a special calling to break free 

of postpartum depression

for yourself and all of the women around you.


You have been called to

step into a deeper experience of your soul and to

thrive in motherhood on your own terms.

How Do You Begin This Spiritual Journey?



 A 12-week private coaching experience for soulful and

conscious moms who are ready to release their postpartum

depression and step into infinite power. 




           Create energetic space to HOLD + thrive in chaos of motherhood


           Release limiting beliefs and write a new motherhood story you LOVE


           Develop clarity and action toward creating a career you LOVE as a stay at home mom


           Increase your confidence and strengthen your inner voice to create a life of magic


           Heal your postpartum depression and ease anxiety, mom guilt, and isolation


           Gain tools to come back to a neutral state when the chaos gets too strong


           Solve problems and create solutions from a calm and collected space


           Strengthen your relationships and learn to love everyone, including your in-laws




            12 Private Coaching Calls for 45-60 min


            12 Customized Yoga Classes for Each Week of the Experience


            12 Thrive Meditations for Each Week of the Experience


             Transformational Workbooks and Homework


             Support Between Sessions through FB Messenger


             Online Business Building Support and Resource Referrals


How to get what you want now to thrive in motherhood + every day mini course ($111 value)

The Conscious + Soulful Mom, A mini course on how to integrate your light into your career ($222 value)

Thrive Postpartum Meditation Series ($57 value)


I am a wildflower woman coffee mug and tank of choice ($40 value)

You get to define what  success means to you, whether that be in your career, your motherhood journey, or your day to day life.

Through my

Transformative Processes + Techniques I help you get clear on

who you are, why you are here, and how to live in alignment with your soul purpose.

Are you ready to answer the call?



Meet Your Guide To Thrive






















 Hi! I'm Bailee.


I am a mother of two young boys with another sweet baby on the way. I will have 3 under 4 years old. HOLY MOLY. I am so excited for this and I can’t wait to count how many times a day people tell me, “Wow, you have your hands full”… my fellow moms of young children…you GET THIS.


Three years ago, I would have never believed that I could mentally and energetically be okay with having 3 children all around the toddler stage.


You see, after both of my children I had severe postpartum depression, anxiety, fear, heaviness, numbness, feeling like I might not belong on this earth anymore.


I lied to my doctor at BOTH of my 6 week follow ups when he asked how I was doing and if I was experiencing postpartum depression…I instantly said no with a huge smile on my face and we moved on.


I didn’t want medication. I didn’t want to be labeled as mentally ill because I was not about to create that story for myself (side note..if you are on medication and need it…GO YOU..do what YOU feel is right and from there add on alternative ways to help you heal YOU).


I didn’t want anyone feeling sorry for me with this dumb stigma around postpartum depression….I JUST WANTED TO feel empowered.


At my wit’s end, I connected with my very first life coach, who inspired me to become one. I began passionately practicing Kundalini Yoga and became a Baptiste Style Yoga teacher.


I learned that I can HOLD the chaos. I can love my marriage. I can survive as a stay at home mom. I can be seen. I can have a career. I can make a difference. I can thrive no matter what ‘bad’ thing is happening to me.


I learned that I didn’t have to take everything personally. I learned that I could say NO to things that weren’t serving me. I learned how to create physical and energetic space to allow abundance and prosperity to come into my life.


Listen, I am your normal modern day woman.


I live in a TINY town and travel to big cities with my family on the weekends. I love fashion, make up…really anything girly…and at the same time I love waldorf education, wearing absolutely NO MAKEUP, spirituality, kundalini yoga, meditation, conscious motherhood and studying neuroscience in my spare time.


I LIVE to share the tools that gave me FREEDOM from my postpartum depression and to help mothers THRIVE in motherhood + every day.


I have made it my life’s work to help women like you be empowered to SAY yes to what they really want in their life and to thrive no matter how heavy the depression is.


We are shifting to a time of accepting ourselves as a WHOLE person.


We are coming into a time where we need to tune in, tap in, and honor our inner guidance system because that is where our TRUTH hangs out.


We are called as mothers to rise, wake up and step into conscious beings.


Living our truth fully teaches our children to live their truth. This creates the most positive and beautiful ripple effect.


Your kids don’t need you perfect. They need you perfectly imperfect. They need you to embrace your inner goddess. They need you to be grounded and connected to the source within you. They need you to SPEAK your truth + LIVE your power. They need you to be so connected to the purest version of you that unconditional LOVE leads.


They need you to honor their innate curiosity and explorative nature. They need you to see the big picture so you don’t get caught up in the small nuances life can bring.


I see mothers (adoptive, sister, aunt, friends) as the most powerful creators.


There is infinite power out there.


Are you curious what’s possible for your life in the space of your unique power?






My mission to help you create success on your own terms to thrive in motherhood + every day.




What is expected of me?


You have to say YES to your life. You HAVE to show up and DO THE WORK.


If you are stuck in hell every day, fearing for the future, wondering if you are going to make it financially, still pissed off at yourself from 2 weeks ago how you reacted, gossiping…you get the point…you have to DECIDE to make the change.


Here is what I can do for you, I can be the space for your exploration of what it is you really want in life. Clarity doesn’t always come easily as a new mom, especially as you add in more children. I help you to create energetic space and energetic grounded-ness so that when you finally manifest what you desire you can hold it there and it will stay for good.


I can help you become a better version of you. I can help you release vicious loops that keep you in anxiety hell and I can teach you mindfulness. I can help you gain confidence and grace in any situation to not let the petty things said by your mother in law get to you. I can help you show up with confidence to powerfully share your gifts with the world.


Is this only for stay at home moms?


Absolutely not. My expertise is in helping women tune in and tap into their intuition and say goodbye to their limiting beliefs. Through ancient yogic wisdom and solution focused coaching I help women to create success on their own terms.


How do I schedule sessions with Bailee?


As a private client, you will have access to my coaching calendar. You can schedule your sessions weekly/bi-weekly as support is needed.


What days are sessions held on?


I coach on Tuesdays, Fridays and every other Saturday. Other arrangements can be discussed as needed.


What if I’m not sure about a ‘life coach’?


You might be like me and be turned off from the word ‘coach’. Like what a silly a thing to be coached on life and what does that even mean…I was like that too...and then I hired my first coach and went through an amazing training and I GOT IT.


A coach is not a counselor, a coach is not here to tell you exactly what to do in your life. A coach is here to help you easily create solutions that you are empowered to take action on for profound change within your own life.


Does it feel crazy to spend money on something that society sees as a ‘holistic craze’? Are you afraid to share with your husband what on earth you want to spend money on?


This is totally normal. Allow it. Fear is always going to apart of your life. The beauty happens when you work with it instead of fighting it.



Trust what you are guided to do.

Trust what feels good.

If what I shared with you that you will achieve sounds like something you could really use in your life SAY YES.

Love yourself so you can love others.


You don’t have to justify your WHY or share with others what you are doing. Take action when inspired and from there action happens.


I need help with anxiety and I want to become an entrepreneur, can you help both?


Yes! I am a licensed Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator through Danielle Laporte…if you know her..or of her..you know her work is AMAZING. I infuse these amazing principals into my coaching helping you be mindful, soulful and seriously intentional with your visioneering. This means that I can help you vision your life no matter what stage of the game you are in. If you are just looking to feel like YOU again and get that spark back…this is FOR YOU!


How will you get rid of my postpartum depression?


You have to SAY YES to showing up and doing the work. I give you tools to help you activate your own healing through mindfulness, meditation, solution focused coaching and yoga. I help you connect to your power, ground your energy, and create energetic space…anxiety, depression and fear do not live in a grounded and neutral space.


Can you guarantee specific results?


I am beyond passionate and madly in love with my purpose to help mothers thrive postpartum. I deeply believe in my ability to teach you to raise your vibration, expand your “space, and ground down into earth to hold your deepest desires that you manifested. Magic happens when we grace neutrality and learn how to remain in that space as long as possible.


One final note…


If you are wondering if this is right for you…


Close your eyes and say, “I just signed up for private coaching with Bailee to thrive in motherhood + every day!”

What is the first feeling you got?

Did you get excited?

Did you get a taste of the freedom your inner being is offering you?


Keep that feeling and close your eyes again….


Imagine if you got support to explore what it is you truly wanted…if you got to work with someone who GETS you fully. Someone who gets that you are a mom who wants a career identity AND who wants to show up fully for her kids. What if you woke up each day with less stress, less anxiety, better relationships, less guilt, and MORE ease? What if your motherhood + your career came together and you GOT to live both FULLY? What if you got to create exactly the life you wanted?


Keep your eyes closed and let that energy soak in.


Listen to your inner guidance.


Go with what FEELS good.

Ask for a sign.

Listen and take action.


Fear is part of life. You don’t have to live out your fear. You can acknowledge it and decide anyway.


Need a little more help deciding?


No problem…bring your dreams and openness to the call and I will happily support you!


Book a FREE 20 minute discovery coaching call with me now!



My mission to help you create success on your own terms to thrive in motherhood + every day.