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So, what does Hold The Vision even mean?


- It means showing up and getting into the energy of who you really are

- Believing in your desires and having them align with your SOUL PURPOSE

- Manifesting the reality that already exists within you

- Giving space to what is possible

- Leaving room for this or something better

- Acting as if it already exists


What is doesn’t mean:


- Obsessing over and controlling your desired outcome

- Manic Manifesting (asking for support in the belief of unworthiness and lack of trust)

- Living too much in the future

- Living too much in the past


Holding the vision is a vital tool to practice time and time again as you grow and evolve as a human. 


I even made you a worksheet to help you with this practice! Download it here!


I'll see you again soon for our last video in this mini series and in the meantime, I'll  leave with this burning question…


What does your life look like living with EASE, SUCCESS + ABUNDANCE?

Remember…act as if that is HOW you are living already.


With Love,


Hold The Vision

{and watch magic appear}