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Everyone loves a good spring cleaning! But are you clearing out your spiritual junk drawer too?

This video will help you: 

- Only keep what you LOVE to receive MORE love

- Clear out and clean out literal “junk” to donate, sell or throw away to open the doors for abundance

- Clear your mind to hear your MUSE

- Give presence to areas of life you fear or hide from…ex. MONEY/BILLS

This is the last video in our
3 Day Mini Course Series. I'm sad that it's over, but overjoyed that you participated. 

I hope that you've had major life changes + that you will use these tools and practices for the rest of your life.

friendship isn't over yet though!

Keep a look out, I have MORE FREE GIFTS coming your way + other Mothers you can connect with in our community!

But...before you watch the video below, don't forget to download this "5 things you can do now to create space" worksheet. Get it here!

Create your space, hold your vision, and let what is...embrace the
Wildflower Woman within! 


With Love,


Create the Space

{Clearing out your "Junk Drawer"}