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   Strengthening the Inner Voice

The essence of a 40 Day Meditation is to create a new habit system. It's a simple, POWERFUL, quick and effective way to create immediate positive change in your life.

By showing up for yourself 3 to 11 minutes each day, you're creating a self care and self nourishment system.

For the most powerful effect, it's best to do the Meditation at the same time, preferably before sunrise, everyday, for a full 40 days. 

By committing to doing this meditation for the next 40 days...

This meditation is designed to Strengthen your inner voice.

You're creating action and taking away reaction.
You're refueling your
love supply.
You're giving space to yourself to hear the clear
guidance given to you.
You're tuning in to your best and
highest self.
You're creating an inner
trust and knowing to walk through daily life with ease.
You're CONNECTING to your LIFE FORCE and Coming home to yourself.